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My past, my present and my desires...

Following training at
the end of which I obtained various diplomas, I practiced my profession in various places, Palaces, Gourmet Restaurants, Chocolate, and several restaurants jet se tLebanese in

My experience in the luxury
sector has taught me to be listening to a desired and if possible benefits, to
provide added value. I'm at the point on the procedures for making pastry,
various animation techniques in training management team, I am also comfortable
working with the kitchen, with my status and chocolate confectioner confirmed
graduate and Apart from catering mention that I got easily.

Today I want tobring my
experience to a structure with
ambitions at least equal to mine in these areas. My knowledge of luxury hotels and restaurants like yours is an additional asset in this process.

Thank you in advance for the time you spend studying my
career and am at your disposal to share with you.


Pastry Consulting Agency

Agency-Pastry-Consulting we treat developing your sweet products to satisfy
your customers. Our purpose is to create with you sweet as well as savory
varieties (catering) in collaboration with your kitchen and your sommeliers
Of course you must know that all desserts should be a line cohérante
and continuity your kitchen but also a perfect ally of your wines and
We also provide a useful service, management of your pastry and
monthly monitoring in order to develop the sector. (Rational control,
development of stocks, HACCP)
The purpose is to bring added value to your business
sector mellitus. Our priority is your satisfaction.
Take advantage of our
professionalism and years of experience in luxury. In addition, our qualified
staff will fast and effective solutions to your contract. We are dedicated to
continuous improvement of our services. Every customer is an important customer
and an opportunity for us to improve our service.

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