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New design: Bubble chair n°2

New design: Bubble chair n°2

Design by Jérôme Guynet

Sun protector
dimensions : 80cm x 200cm x 170cm
frame : aluminium pipes
canopy: synthetic rattan and outdoor clothe
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2 new designs for SofaChairs

2 new designs for SofaChairs

Pictures by Andréa Martinez

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Tongue chairs on a beach resort

Tongue chairs on beach resorts

Pictures by Andréa Martinez

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Why it s important to protect your skin to the sun rays?

Too much sun is also bad for your skin cells because the UV rays actually damage or even kill the skin cells. Even a mild sunburn can destroy the top layer of skin, which is bad for healthy living. Your skin is the body's first layer of defense, and you need to protect it.

Our chairs are giving yu a high protection to the UV rays.

How our chairs are made

HallSol Furniture Co. Inc was founded on April 9, 2012, whose factory is located in Zone Paliya, Jaime St. Paknaan, Mandaue City, Cebu , Philippines.

The company specializes in producing outdoor furniture using powder coated aluminium pipe as its frame and utilizes both local and imported polyethylene weaving materials. It also caters diverse products like rattan, wood and wrought iron furniture. Mostly, production comes from the clients design however the company can introduce her design if it warrants doing so. The production has the flexibility to manufacture small and volume orders. The company has the enough resources to fund its production as it is an Australian and Filipino joint venture. The company has the capability to deliver quality products as it is managed by experienced staff and has employed skilled workers in the furniture industry. The size of the factory is 1500 sq. meters which has the capacity to deliver 8 to 10 40 footer container per month. Counting the day when...

Natural rattan vs syntetic one

1. Natural rattan
Natural rattan vines obtained from tropics, usually between palm leaves knotted type. It is light and flexible with long fibers of 2 to 5mm in diameter, but has the disadvantage that to be natural, is more sensitive to the weather and its durability is compromised; heat, rain, salt and pests undermine his qualities, making them more easily deteriorate and require more care.

2. Synthetic rattan
Synthetic rattan: the best choice for your outdoor furniture.
The synthetic rattan Rattan also called PE (if made of polyethylene), it is a material that mimics natural rattan, but with great advantages are as its durability and strength.

The synthetic rattan and rattan PE, is a synthetic fiber that mimics the natural rattan. It provides excellent finishes and has numerous advantages. This makes it requested when decorating our gardens and terraces providing style and naturalness.

Benefits synthetic rattan:

The high quality synthetic rattan stands out as very strong and durable. It can...

Manila Fame 2019

Manila Fame 2019Manila Fame 2019

Visit us on stand O19, from October 17th to 19th

You'll see our furniture in real.

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