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The Effect of Social Media on Mental Health among Young People

The Effect of Social Media on Mental Health among Young PeopleHEAD TO HEAD - A study from the University of Pittsburgh monitoring young adults indicates that heavy social media users are almost three times more likely to experience depression than occasional users.

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have grown exponentially over the past few years. This is especially true in adolescents and young adults. A recent study from Ontario indicates that 80% of young people use social media every day, with almost 50% using it for more than two hours a day.

What is the impact of the use of social media on the mental health of young people? This is a pressing question for researchers who have carried out rigorous studies on the subject.
These studies produce consistent results: Heavy use of social media is linked to mental health issues.

For example, social media users are almost three times more likely to suffer from depression than occasional users. Another study of young adults shows that the recent use of Facebook worsens how people feel...


6 REQUIREMENTS TO BE A GOOD PSYCHOLOGISTThe psychologist's work can be stressful, overwhelming, and is not always as satisfactory as one would like. When being in contact with people who usually have problems managing their emotions or who experience serious conflicts, psychologists need specific and special preparation and not only with regard to diagnosis and treatment techniques but also in the management of their own emotions, frustrations, and impulses.
1. EMOTIONAL SELF-CONTROLPerhaps this is the most critical attribute, at least from the viewpoint of the practitioner's emotional balance, since this function helps him control his feelings easily and independently of what occurs in the consulting process. This does not mean that emotional self-control removes such incidents to influence the counselor since he is, after all, a human with emotions and history, so because he can handle his thoughts before the person so that he does not react by lying down and weeping. Emotional self-control often generates trust in the counselor,...

Write a Business Plan for a Cleaning Company

Write a Business Plan for a Cleaning CompanyCleaning firms are on the rise. Outsourcing of the cleaning feature is progressing in several industries and provides positive development opportunities. Individuals often gradually desire to get rid of this challenge by calling on specialists. But beware, the market is tough.
So, if you want to create a cleaning company, this special file will be useful to you: what is the potential of the sector, what are the steps to take to get started, how to establish your market research and your cleaning services business plan ... here are the topics we will cover.
What are the missions entrusted to cleaning companies?
Cleaning businesses work with private or public agencies as well as municipal authorities. They will also collaborate with people to directly manage structures (buildings, warehouses, stores, workshops, etc.).
Professionals are also required to develop various activities to diversify activities such as:
Specialized cleaning and maintenance (e.g., operating theaters, computer unit)

Types and symptoms of bone fractures and their treatment methods

Types and symptoms of bone fractures and their treatment methodsA broken bone is an injury that occurs in a bone and causes it to split. This condition is usually not life-threatening, but it needs medical attention and transports the injured person to the hospital or clinic of a specialist doctor as soon as possible.
Fractures occur due to applying excessive pressure to the bone, causing the bone to break either completely or partially. And there are cases of fractures called pathological fractures, which occur under the slightest pressure because of their weakness, as in the case of osteoporosis or bone cancer.
The types of fractures vary depending on the injury's circumstances and the amount of force applied to the bone.
Types of fractures:
A simple or closed fracture occurs when the bone is broken into two pieces while the skin surface remains intact.
An open fracture occurs when the broken bone penetrates the skin's surface or if the fracture's force has also torn the skin.
Compound fracture: which occurs when a bone fracture is accompanied by the presence...

Telemedicine and teleconsultation in the future of healthcare

Telemedicine and teleconsultation in the future of healthcare"We must use telemedicine and reach people in their homes, if not physically, with advice. It is indeed useful to speak to your doctor over the phone, but it would take the health care staff a more accurate assessment. However, many try to observe all the recommendations but get anxious when they start coughing or have a little fever.
Exclusively, we publish on our website a preview of the chapter dedicated to telemedicine and teleconsultation.
The Superior Health Council, in particular, identifies two types of telemedicine services: specialist telemedicine and Telehealth.
In turn, specialist telemedicine is divided into:
Television: it is the medical act through which the doctor interacts with the patient at a distance. The Internet connection must allow you to see and interact with the patient. The television can take place in real or deferred time. The diagnosis resulting from the visit can result in the prescription of drugs or treatments;
Teleconsultation is the diagnosis or indication...

How to have beautiful skin? 9 tips to follow!

How to have beautiful skin? 9 tips to follow!Maintaining beautiful skin is a complex task. Several factors are decisive in the quality and appearance of your skin. We reveal all the secrets and good habits to follow to have radiant and luminous skin.
1. Take care of your skin from the inside
The skin is the bigger organ of the body! Therefore, it is important to take care of it, both inside and out. Did you know that the skin is made up of 70% water?
It's not surprising, then, that you need to drink enough water each day to keep your body in shape and hydrate your skin. One of the secrets of beautiful skin is its hydration!
Drink enough water each day, 6 to 9 glasses on average, or 1.5 liters, for a fresh and juicy complexion. Feel free to add a little lemon juice or some mint leaves if you have trouble drinking natural water.
Food is also an important factor in the appearance of your skin. Eating too much fat, too sweet, or not eating enough can also affect the skin and, depending on the individual, causes problems such as dull complexion,...

5 Tips To Take Care Of Combination Skin

5 Tips To Take Care Of Combination SkinWhen we talk about skin types, we always think if we have normal, oily, or dry skin
If you feel identified with this little problem, don't worry! Next, we give you the keys to take care of it in the best possible way so that you feel great 24 hours a day!
What are the characteristics of combination skin?
The main basis of combination skin is that it has oily areas and others a little drier. Normally, the fatty part is usually found on the forehead, the nose (and surroundings), and the chin. This is the well-known "T zone", where you can see more imperfections, such as open pores, pimples, blackheads, and increased sebum production.
In the rest of the face, these imperfections do not appear since this area is finer and more delicate, and, in it, pimples do not usually appear, and the pores are practically closed.
This type of skin needs specific care.
5 tips to take care of combination skinWhen you wash your face in the morning and at night, use a special soap dedicated exclusively to this type...


NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF TURKEY BREAST MEATIts low fat content and high protein content make this white meat a highly recommended food for the body. In addition, it offers many possibilities in the kitchen.
Nutritional value of turkey breast meat
The white meats are chicken, turkey, rabbit and pig parts. They are called this because they contain less iron than red meat, which gives them a paler color. These meats are the most recommended by nutritionists because they contain less fat.
Thus, the turkey is a food rich in quality proteins and B vitamins. In 100 grams of turkey breast, there is a rich and varied nutritional composition:
Calories 100 (Kcal)
Water 75 (g)
Protein 24.12 (g)
Fat 0.99 (g)
Iron 1 (mg)
Calcium 8 (mg)
Zinc 1.80 (mg)
Phosphorus 222 (mg)
Potassium 333 (mg)
Sodium 46 (mg)
Vitamin B12 0.52 (mcg)
Cholesterol 45 (mg)
How many calories per slice does the turkey breast contain?
The main component of turkey breast is water (75%), which makes it a low-calorie product (100 kcal per 100 g). It's less than chicken breast, pork loin, and...

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